Model-Based Test Data Generation

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Maximize Your Data Process Efficiency with DATAMIMIC

Data Modeling and Generation

DATAMIMIC provides a robust, AI- and model-driven approach to test data generation, enabling you to define your requirements at an abstract level and create synthetic data to match these specifications. This ensures comprehensive and secure testing, essential for business success in competitive industries such as banking and finance. Companies in these sectors have utilized DATAMIMIC to overcome slow development cycles caused by data dependencies and strict compliance regulations.

Data Privacy through Anonymization and Pseudonymization

With DATAMIMIC, say goodbye to data privacy concerns. Our solution helps you stay compliant by efficiently anonymizing sensitive data, thus safeguarding customer privacy. This standardization of data handling across development, testing, and training processes not only meets GDPR requirements but also supports secure data operations across your organization.

Data Migration and Integration

Seamlessly migrate data across systems and integrate DATAMIMIC within your existing infrastructure. Our platform supports most SQL and NoSQL databases and connects with APIs in seconds, enhancing the agility and efficiency of your data management practices. This integration ensures that you can utilize your test data models not only for testing but also for migrating to production systems, maintaining data consistency and synchronization across distributed system landscapes.


DATAMIMIC is not just a tool; it’s a partnership. We continuously extend our capabilities based on your specific challenges and needs. Schedule a demo today to see how DATAMIMIC can be tailored to fit your organization’s unique requirements and help you manage your data throughout the software development lifecycle.

DATAMIMIC Model.Generate.Test

Unlock Advanced Modeling with DATAMIMIC UI

Elevate your data strategy with DATAMIMIC UI’s innovative modeling features. Streamline your processes with intuitive tools designed for efficiency. Discover more about how our UI can transform your data management tasks into strategic assets. Simply connect databases or upload JSON files to auto-generate your DATAMIMIC models.

Complex JSON Capabilities and Templating

DATAMIMIC optimizes software testing by producing complex JSON files tailored for applications that store data in MongoDB. Simply upload your JSON schema, and use our built-in generators, custom scripts, and variables in the DATAMIMIC JSON template for replication. This allows for precise control over complex hierarchies and nesting, ideal for robust and scalable test scenarios.

High-Performance Core Technologies

DATAMIMIC leverages the latest advancements in Python and Rust to deliver a high-scalability and high-speed processing core, ideal for sophisticated data generation tasks. Python’s extensive libraries and vibrant ecosystem enhance our AI-driven, model-based solutions, while Rust’s performance and reliability streamline low-level system operations. This dual-technology approach ensures that DATAMIMIC users experience unmatched efficiency and robustness in their data testing workflows.

Python Core and Libraries for advanced data functions
Rust core technology for high-performant test data generation

Streamline Agile and Test Driven Development (TDD) with Tailored Test Data

Elevate your Agile and Test Driven Development processes with DATAMIMIC, your premier solution for generating realistic, compliant test data on-demand. Designed to integrate seamlessly into rapid development cycles, DATAMIMIC supports your team in maintaining high velocity without compromising on data quality or security. Enhance your workflows with data that’s as dynamic as your development practices.

Agile Development
Continuous Improvement in Test Driven Development
  • Switching to DATAMIMIC transformed our QA process. The model-based approach not only streamlined test data generation but also significantly reduced our preparation time. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for any team serious about quality and efficiency.

    Alex R., Senior QA Engineer

  • DATAMIMIC is indispensable for creating consistent and complex test data, whether synthetic or anonymized from production environments. The intuitive new DATAMIMIC user interface greatly facilitates our work and closes a critical gap in our development processes. DATAMIMIC has significantly improved the efficiency and security of our test data management.

    Tim Lafferenz, Leading Test Expert

    All4Labels Group

  • Adopting DATAMIMIC was a strategic decision to enhance our software testing methodologies. Its AI-driven, model-based data generation capabilities have not only accelerated our testing workflows but also ensured that we remain compliant with data protection regulations. A win-win for both our development teams and our clients.

    Chris D., CTO


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Enhance your development today with realistic test data. Accelerate your project timelines, and uphold data privacy as a fundamental right with DATAMIMIC

DATAMIMIC is a leading software solution to generate, anonymize, pseudonymize and migrate data for development, testing and training purposes. Unleash the Power of AI in Model-Based Test Data Generation and Privacy Protection. Specializing in enterprise-grade test data creation and obfuscation, with enhanced handling of complex JSON and XML structures, DATAMIMIC ensures GDPR compliance and facilitates seamless development and testing. Embrace our model-driven, AI-enhanced toolkit for efficient, scalable, and compliant software development in today’s regulatory environment.

Learn more in our DATAMIMIC factsheet

Learn simply more about DATAMIMIC, the powerful DATAMIMIC UI, and our DATAMIMIC packages to shape your test data universe smart and safely. We provide guidance, code snippets, and more to get you started fast with a steep learning curve. Get your DATAMIMIC factsheet, improve your test data and speed up your development.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Find out how DATAMIMIC streamlines your data generation process.

How to create complex data for testing?

DATAMIMIC combines complex testdata from various source systems and enriches your data synthetically (synthetic test data generation). Run realistic and production like test scenarios that light up shortcomings and requirement issues before going live.

How to be compliant to GDPR laws?

Create GDPR compliant testdata for all levels of your software development process with DATAMIMIC that is safe and realistic. Decide which data objects need anonymization and build your proper set of production like test data.

How to create test data for microservices in cloud environments?

Generate suitable test data for your distributed systems smart and create consistent mock systems with dummy data or anonymized production data from production environments.

How to create large amounts of data?

Automate your generation process of data and generate large data volumes in short time for complex test scenarios. Do not struggle with data aging, as you can create massive sets from scratch for every test run. DATAMIMIC is your smart and fast faker.

How to create test data for load tests, performance tests and unit tests?

DATAMIMIC is your data generation tool for load testsperformance testsunit teststest automation and business tests.
Optimized high performance smart beneration of your quality data allows creation in your continuous integration pipelines per test execution.

How to obfuscate or mask your production data?

DATAMIMIC obfuscates private and sensitive data with a broad range of built-in generators. Replace sensitive items easily with valid but synthetic data, that looks, behaves and feels like production data. Create realistic data sets smart and safe.

How to mimic and create real-world data?

DATAMIMICs built-in generators support a wide-range of distributions, to mimic datasets that reflects reality. Use percentages, stochastic formulas like Gaussian, Exponential or define custom distributions according to your needs.
Use-case: Create a customer base that is equally distributed over the US => DATAMIMIC will create persons along with valid addresses and distributes them over the US considering your individual setup parameters like state/city population, gender, age and many more.

How to use data from multiple databases / sources (subsetting)?

DATAMIMIC creates valid subsets from multiple databases (referential integrity assured) for your testing or migration work. You can also use custom SELECTS to fine-tune your data slice.

How to migrate your production data?

DATAMIMIC models can be reused in many steps of your software development life cycle. You can reuse your data model from building your mock system to migrate your production system. DATAMIMIC handles your data smart and safe.